AMD has introduced its M690 chipset for embedded devices, rounding out the company's first chipset line that integrates technology from ATI.

The chipset offers enhanced video performance and more display and connectivity choices for thin clients, point of sale, gaming and single-board computers, AMD said.

AMD also announced Socket S1, used to connect a chipset to a computer's motherboard, and the M690 chipset development board, a development platform for small, graphic-intensive devices.

The development board has a standard ATX form factor, and integrates PCI and PCI Express expansion slots, USB 2.0, and options for display connections such as CRT, DVI (digital video interface) or LVDS (low voltage differential signalling), AMD said.

The 690 series, announced in February, became available last week. The chipsets are designed for high-definition video, including hardware technology that uses less power when reading DVDs. AMD has integrated ATI's Radeon X1250 graphics processor into the chipset, which means a graphics card isn't needed.

The 690 chipsets, compatible with AMD's desktop processors, are powerful enough to handle Microsoft's Vista OS, whose higher processing demands includes expanded graphics capabilities, AMD said.