Acer has unveiled two more tablet PCs. Both models, the TravelMate C200 and the TravelMate C310, are capable of working as conventional notebooks.

Although tablet PCs haven’t really caught on in the consumer space, there has been a limited uptake of these devices in some markets such as education and healthcare.

The TravelMate C200 has a sliding mechanism that allows one-motion conversion from notebook to tablet and according to Acer this is the first model with this feature. The C310 uses a more conventional swivelling, rotating process to convert from one form to the other.

Other products introduced to the world’s press at the same event included two Aspire notebooks with VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) functionality and dual TV tuners built in, allowing users to tune into digital and analogue TV broadcasts. A notebook and three LCD monitors carrying Ferrari branding were also announced.

Focus was put on the theme of digital convergence as Acer announced a number of products for the digital home. As well as several notebooks, there are four LCD TVs, two digital cameras, a PDA and the Acer Media Gateway MG3001-P. This is a device that can be connected to multiple devices such as a PC, a TV, a hi-fi and so on and can then communicate with your wireless router and so be the hub of your home entertainment system.

Gianfranco Lanci, President of Acer, also took time to reiterate Acer’s commitment to the channel business model rather than using a direct model similar to that used by companies such as Dell. “It’s much easier to address home and small business users through the channel,” he said.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed.