There's a lot about the E6400 that's right. Unfortunately for Mesh, in a competitive division that isn't really enough and the lack of any stand-out components consigns it to the rear of the newly announced pile of £750 Windows Vista PCs. The Mesh E6400 will be available soon for £749 inc VAT from

The first problem is that, in its raw unmodified state, the E6400 processor isn't quite fast enough to keep up with the E6600s many £750 Vista PCs sport. To give Mesh its due, the Vistra is only a few points behind the Arbico, despite the latter coming with a mighty E6600. It’s the paltry 1GB of DDR RAM that really leaves the Mesh trailing the likes of the Chillblast and Zoostorm PCs.

The graphics card is a 7900 GS and, while this card may offer a surprising amount of firepower for a modest price tag, it lacks the clout to compete with the 7950 GT included with the Arbico CD7950XL. However, the Mesh fares reasonably well against other, higer-spec Vista PCs with better memory configurations.

The Mesh’s 19in Asus is quite a nice flat-panel, and is a significant improvement over the Yuraku used by the Arbico. You also get a rather good DVD writer, and the onboard sound is given extra resonance by the Creative Inspire T6100 speakers. All in all, this is a very reasonable PC with good general Vista performance. However, it just needed that extra spark to send it into the very top tier of Vista PCs.

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