Korean company GTT
is to be the first company to offer 3D-look PC displays that require no special glasses to work. The screens will use DVI's (Deep Video Imaging's) Multi-Layer Display technology.

Unlike conventional stereoscopic 3D displays, which require users to wear special spectacles to appreciate a 3D image, DVI's technology uses two physically separate layers of pixels to create the impression of depth and can be viewed by users under normal working conditions. According to DVI, this approach makes it easier to for users to absorb information and reduces eyestrain.

In a typical 15in format, DVI's ActualDepth monitors consist of two planes of pixels, one with 1,024x768 pixel resolution and the other with 1,280x1,024 pixel resolution.

GTT plans to launch two LCD (liquid crystal display) screens using the technology — measuring 15in and 18.1in — in the first half of next year. No indication has been given of when they will launch in the UK or what pricing will be.

GTT and DVI expect the financial services, medical and gaming markets to be the first candidates for the 3D screens, with complex visualisation applications, such as process control, data analysis and presentation applications, also likely to benefit from this. Specialised MLD displays are already being used in defence and avionics applications.