Evesham will always draw praise for the quality of its aftersales support, but elsewhere its PCs don't offer quite the value for money as rivals such as Arbico and Mesh do. There's very little wrong with the Solar Creation, but it is outdone in most areas by other £1,001 Vista PCs. You can buy this PC for £1,399 inc VAT from www.evesham.com.

While we're pleased to see the Creation coming with 2GB of DDR RAM, we're slightly disappointed Evesham didn't match its rivals and kit out the Creation with an E6700 version of the Intel Core 2 Duo. While this E6600-powered PC is no slouch, it consistently scored mediocre marks across our speed tests. Matters aren't helped by the graphics card. Three months ago, the GeForce 7950 GT ranked as one of the best cards available. But with nVidia unleashing a new range of chips, the 7950 now finds itself slipping away from the top. Indeed, in games tests, both the Mesh E6700 X-Treme PCA and the Arbico CD1950EX were significantly faster.

The Iiyama E2200WS flat-panel is undoubtedly impressive. Its 22in viewing area paves the way for a glorious resolution of 1,680x1,050. However, image quality is adequate, but really no more than that. For vivid colours and sharp text, you'll get far more by opting for Sony or even Belinea flat-panels.

Full marks to the resounding audio system though, while the pair of 320GB hard drives offer an amazing amount of storage space. The software bundle is also quite nice. Ultimately though, this PC's hardware line-up isn't strong enough to make it a contender for top honours.

For full reviews of the very best Vista systems available right now, look out for the April 06 issue of PC Advisor, which hits the news stand on 15 February. For a full, in-depth review of Windows Vista, click here.