Resident's of Mount Pleasant, a street in Halesworth, Suffolk, have the slowest broadband connection in the UK, says

Research by the comparison site revealed homes in the street have access to a connection speed of just 0.128Mbps, that's 53 times slower than the UK's national average speed according to Ofcom.

uSwitch said at this spee,d web users in Mount Pleasant would have to wait approximately 48 hours to download an online movie.

Forestfield, in the West Sussex town of Horsham, was named the street with the UK's second slowest average broadband speed, at just 0.134Mbps and was closely followed by Inchkeith Drive, in Fife, Scotland which offers an average speed of just 0.169Mbps.

Faraday Avenue, in Staffordhsire's Burton-upon-Trent and Baird Avenue in Kilwinning, Ayrshire rounded-off the top five slowest streets in the UK with 0.182Mbps and 0.225Mbps respectively.

uSwitch said a quarter of the UK's streets with the slowest broadband speeds were located in West Sussex and Hampshire, while out of the top 50 slowest streets, five can be found in Derbyshire. Furthermore, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Suffolk each have four streets in the list.

"While many areas of the country are already benefiting from the considerable investment into super-fast fibre optic networks, our research highlights the plight of households at the other end of the spectrum, struggling with download speeds so poor that in some cases it can hardly be considered a broadband service at all," said Ernest Doku, technology expert at

"Many of the streets that feature in the list aren?t in the far-flung countryside, but rather in more urban areas, nearer to exchanges and where we would expect to see higher download speeds across the board."

uSwitch's research also revealed that Leamington Spa in Warwickshire was the town with the fastest average broadband speed, as residents benefit from connections of 18.865Mbps. It was closely followed by Welling, in Kent with 18.426Mbps and Herne Hill in London, which boasts speeds of 17.897Mbps.

However, BT disputes uSwitch’s claims. According to the telecoms company, at least one of the streets named in the top 50 (Stokeman Close in Milton Keynes) has access to fibre broadband and "is enjoying some of the fastest speeds in the UK".  Furthermore, BT also said its line checkers showed Mount Pleasant residents are achieving speeds of 7.5Mbps and the result for Forestfield, is the West Sussex village of Horsham is inaccurate as BT’s Infinity is available in the area, while part of the Inchkeith Drive, which took the number three spot also has access to BT’s fibre-based service.

“We wouldn’t disagree with uSwitch that there are a number of slow spots in the UK that need addressing but it would seem they haven’t managed to identify them correctly here. It appears  that the data is out of date because fibre broadband is now available for a number of the streets identified,” BT said.