The number of broadband connections in the UK that offers speeds of over 25Mbps should hit 250,000 this month, says Point Topic.

According to the research firm, while that's only one percent of the homes in Britain, it does indicate that superfast broadband could be in a position to follow in the footsteps of first-generation broadband 10 years ago

"We went on from there to reach over 13 million broadband lines within five years," said chief Analyst Tim Johnson. "Now we have over 19 million. It's dangerous just to assume that history will repeat itself, but it's still a good pointer to what will happen to superfast broadband in this decade."

Point Topic reached its estimate using figures from the end of last year, when there were 175,000 superfast broadband connections in the UK. Of these, 118,000 were Virgin Media customers that purchased the 50Mbps or above package. This should grow to 146,000 by the end of this month, with the remaining 57,000 superfast broadband connections pumped over telephone lines belonging to BT and other firms, rising to 90,000.

"At that rate we should pass the quarter-million milestone sometime between now and the end of April," said Johnson.