Sky has become one of the first broadband providers to sign-up to use BT's duct and pole network to offer its own superfast internet service.

The ISP will join CallFlow in a three month trial to look at the practicalities of using BT's network , as well as the costs involved.

In October last year, Ofcom gave a proposal known as Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) or Duct and Pole Sharing, the go-ahead. BT voluntarily agreed to allow UK ISPs to use BT's infrastructure to offer their own superfast net connections, rather than laying their own fibre-optic cables..

Fergus Crockett, Openreach product director, said: "This trial will allow us to field-test the processes involved in allowing others to use our duct and pole infrastructure and build upon the accuracy of our assumptions before we launch the product commercially."

"It will also provide our CP customers with far greater clarity around the detail of deployment, and the likely costs involved, as well as giving them the chance to engage with us constructively around pricing and process development."