Free Wi-Fi internet

KFC has announced it will offer free Wi-Fi broadband internet in partnership with The Cloud.

The fried chicken restaurant has joined forces with The Cloud, owned by Sky, to offer its customers free Wi-Fi internet access. The firm said there would be a 'short roll-out period' but given no actual time frame. See also: O2 announces free Wi-Fi at Costa.

Nathan James, senior manager of brand experience at KFC, said: "Diners want to be able to browse, access social networks, search for retail outlets around them to plan their day, or access KFC-related information and special offers. The new WiFi service offers exactly this and helps ensure we provide an enjoyable dining experience."

With smartphones, tablets, laptops and other internet connected devices at an all-time high, consumers have come to expect free internet access almost wherever they go.

Logging onto KFC's Wi-Fi service will take customers to a landing page with restaurant information, menus and special offers. Users can then access the web, but KFC said it hopes "the landing page itself will enable more effective engagement, with customers able to easily see all menu items and be driven to certain items through discounts and offers."

The Cloud already offers Wi-Fi at big name outlets including M&S, Wetherspoon, WHSmith and Caffe Nero, plus First Great Western and Network Rail stations.

Vince Russell, managing director of The Cloud, said: "Fast and reliable WiFi paves the way for new technologies such as mobile payments to reduce queue times, QR codes to discover more about a product, as well as targeted advertising of specific products and offers via the WiFi landing page. At a time when the UK fast food industry is booming, but is also becoming increasingly competitive, this service can give KFC the edge."

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