Everything Everywhere (EE) has launched a website campaigning for the launch of 4G mobile internet in the UK.

The firm behind Orange and T-Mobile has launched www.4Gbritain.com to raise awareness about 4G and get support for its rollout as soon as possible. EE has also released research stating the benefits that a 4G network will bring.

EE said the website: "provides information about 4G, and a place for people, businesses and organisations to say why they are enthusiastic about it coming to the UK."

From the website users can Tweet why they want 4G to come to the UK and also submit a blog post for the 4G blog. Research conducted by Capital Economic and commissioned by EE aims to highlight why 4G should arrive as soon as possible.

The mobile operator said that 4G will bring a 0.5 percent increase to the UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP) equivalent to £75bn. It will also create or safeguard 125,000 jobs and provide 'mobile superfast broadband' to at least 10 million people by the end of the decade.

Everything Everywhere 4G research

Mark Pragnell of Capital Economics said: "The introduction of 4G mobile broadband will create substantial long-term benefits for the economy and consumers, ultimately boosting UK GDP by as much as half a percentage point. The near-term £5.5bn private industry investment we project is substantial – and opportune for the wider economy given the recent investment slump."

EE is set to rollout 4G using its 1800MHz spectrum pending Ofcom's permission. However, rivals including O2 and Vodafone are not happy about the unfair advantage this would give EE in the market.