EE best mobile network

EE has been named the UK's best mobile phone network in an independent performance test.

The award comes from RootMetrics which tested the big four networking in the UK: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. The firm conducted over 840,000 tests during the second half of 2013 including reliability, speed, mobile internet, calls and texts scoring each operator out of 100.

Formally named, Everything Everywhere, EE came out on top in all categories scoring an overall 84.6 points. Three came in second with 73.5 closely followed by O2 with 66.5 and Vodafone in last place with 52.4.

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Bill Moore, CEO of RootMetrics, said: "These results give UK consumers and businesses the most accurate view of mobile performance in the UK that has ever been made available. From nation to neighbourhood, people now have access to data showing them the best network in their area,"

The RootMetrics survey aimed to test mobile network performance from a consumer's point of view. The firm tested across the country covering 23,390 miles and including more than 1,000 indoor locations. Read: See also: The UK's best mobile networks revealed: mobile broadband group test.

Three came second in reliability and mobile internet performance with O2 taking silver in speed index, call performance and text performance. Vodafone came last in all areas apart from speed index in which it came third.

RootMetric reliability and speed idex

Clearly not happy with the results, Vodafone advised not to "take the results of this report seriously and neither should our customers" suggesting tests were "carried out in an inconsistent manner".

EE said the results showed it gave "customers everywhere in the UK the best mobile experience", but the score may be partly down to Ofcom allowing the operator to launch 4G services ahead of its rivals.

Three pointed out that the study was "carried out prior to our launch of 4G at no extra cost, so is not up to speed with our current performance"

The news comes as EE announced that customer can now get 4G roaming in France and Spain at no extra cost. Roaming bundles with the network start at £3 for 100MB of data.

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