EE, formally Everything Everywhere, has responded to complaints about its 4G LTE data plans.

The firm recently announced its range of 4G tariffs for smartphonesusers which gained criticism from the media and the public. The mobile operator which owns Orange and T-Mobile, has responded with an infographic for ‘those worried about data’. See also: What is 4G? A complete guide to 4G.

EE 4G data infographic

EE said on Twitter: “We've had tons of comments over the last 24 hours, some would make our mothers blush. If you're worried about data...”

As you can see the image tries to explain that using 4G compared to 3G will be like getting a faster train to the same destination. The simile implies that users will use the same amount of data as before but just won’t have so much waiting to do.

EE has obviously not considered what everyone will do with this spare time they have on their hands thanks to superfast mobile broadband. It clearly doesn’t expect the natural effect of having the equivalent of home broadband on the go to result in an increase of data usage. See also4G vs 3G network hands-on speed test.

EE’s 4G network will launch on 30 October with data plans starting at £36 for 500MB of data.

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