4G smartphone network

O2 has struck a 10 year deal which will see BT support 4G LTE mobile broadband for its customers.

BT has agreed to build a new high capacity transmission network to help with the rollout of O2's 4G services later this year. The telecoms giant said it will aid O2 in staying ahead of the 'continued explosion in mobile data traffic' by providing the necessary network capacity. See: What is 4G? A complete guide to 4G.

Chet Patel, Managing Director of BT Wholesale Markets, said: "Our network solution will help O2 to deliver a next generation mobile experience to their customers to fully exploit the exciting possibilities of 4G technologies. We are moving quickly to get O2 up and running."

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BT has also said it will offer a sizeable increase in backhaul capacity by 'delivering the high speed mobile backhaul links between its mobile base stations and the new transmission network'. An IHS report says it expects UK mobile data traffic is set to grow by more than 400 per cent by 2016.

Despite spending nearly £200m on spectrum in the UK's 4G auction, BT has announced no plans to launch a service for consumers. O2 spent a whopping £550m in the auction on two lots of 800MHz spectrum. See also: Ofcom announces 4G auction winners.

"This is a huge opportunity for us, as well as a technical challenge. But through our partnership with BT Wholesale, customers of O2 will be backed by a high-performance mobile internet network which we believe will release the potential of 4G services and result in unrivalled mobile phone and internet browsing experiences." said Adrian Di Meo, Chief Technology Officer of O2 UK.

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