BT’s Infinity broadband service that offers speeds of up to 100Mbps internet speeds (with 300Mbps promised in the next two years) is available to 10 million premises in the UK but many searching online for domestic availability are disappointed that their area is not yet connected.

However, PC Advisor readers and staff have confirmed that BT’s high-speed fibre broadband service is actually more available than BT cares to boast about.

Here we give you simple advice about "How to check for BT Infinity high-speed broadband availability".

If you check your home’s phone number and postcode on BT’s website it may tell you that the Infinity service is not yet available.

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BT checks your phone line and postcode online, and may return the sad news that you’re stuck with average (or what you’ll now regard as low-speed) broadband speeds.

The message reads: “Sorry, you're not currently able to get BT Infinity. This may be because your area has not been enabled yet, or your individual line does not support superfast broadband.”

However, don’t despair. Even BT admits that its online availability check is “often wrong,” as I found out when following PC Advisor’s Forum Editor’s advice to call up BT anyway.

It appears that BT still believes it’s good to talk.

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I was informed that my residence was indeed quite ready for BT’s high-speed fibre broadband connection, despite what the BT website checker had told me.

"You can have 74Mbps speed as soon as you send us your Mac code," I was told.

BT Infinity broadband connection checker

Forum Editor Peter Thomas had found the same thing months earlier:It's interesting. I regularly checked the availability on the BT Infinity site, and was constantly being told that the date for activating the service in my location had been moved back. This went on for a year, and eventually I rang BT to ask what the real situation was – why the constant postponements?

“To my surprise, the person I spoke to said 'You can have it now if you like', and a week later I was upgraded.

“The engineer who came to install the modem told me he would have to go to the big green box at the end of the road to do the connection, and when he came back he said "You're the only one in the box to have Infinity."

It’s little wonder, given BT’s own online advice.

BT Infinity makes use of BT’s widespread fibre optic network, which it claims is well ahead of schedule.

New areas are often being announced as fibre ready. But don’t believe BT’s online Infinity broadband checker. Give BT a bell instead.