BT is to join forces with Everything, Everywhere – the parent company of mobile networks T-Mobile and Orange, to trial called Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology in Newquay, Cornwall.

LTE is just one of a number of 4G technologies designed to offer superfast mobile broadband.

The trial, which will begin in September and last for at least three months, will see 100 residents with mobile broadband and 100 residents with fixed lines access the web using parts of the 800MHz radio spectrums that were previously used for terrestrial TV broadcasts. However, they have now been cleared thanks to the digital switchover and are being auctioned off for mobile broadband use.

Earlier this year, Ofcom has revealed the auction for the 800MHz and the 2.6GHz mobile spectrums will take place at the beginning of 2012, potentially meaning 4G networks could be rolled out to consumers by the beginning of 2013. However, as 4G services are already available in the US as well as Germany, Sweden and Japan, the UK is lagging behind when it comes to superfast mobile networks.

"We strongly believe that by sharing our network and mobile services in this way, we can make a valuable contribution to the economics of rural broadband service," said Tom Alexander, chief executive of Everything Everywhere.

However, while LTE has offered speeds of up to 150Mbps in lab tests, Alexander told the Telegraph Brits are more likely to get speeds of between "2 to 40 mbps".

It is hoped the trial will show LTE technology is suitable for areas of the UK that currently don't have mobile broadband coverage.

"We're targeting the 'notspots' and the 'not-a-lot-spots," said Sally Davis, chief executive of BT Wholesale, which is providing the broadband connectivity and the "fixed mobile" tests to peoples' homes.

Residents in the St Newlyn East and surrounding areas can register to take part in the trials by visiting this dedicated web page