More than three quarters (76 percent) of Brits are unhappy with their broadband, says

Research of 1,647 people by the comparison site revealed 59 percent believe their broadband speed is simply 'too slow' while 37 percent admitted they're unhappy with their provider.

Of those who's issue lies with their provider, 46 percent blamed not being able to speak to anyone at their ISP but more than half (51 percent) admitted 'poor customer service' was the source of their unhappiness.

Best broadband deals 2012

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) said they were happy with their broadband, but more than half of these (57 percent) admitted they thought their speed could be improved. Furthermore, Leeds proved to be the area where broadband users were unhappiest, followed by Aberdeen, Newcastle, Plymouth and Glasgow.

"It's actually quite surprising to find out how many people are still unhappy with their broadband speed, as we hear in the news every week about how companies are aiming to provide better speeds and a better service for their customers. However, as we often hear, unfortunately, a lot of the time it does depend on where you live," said Mark Pearson, chairman of

"Choosing an internet provider can be quite difficult and it can be easy to be sucked in by low joining fees, or the promise of a couple of months free in terms of unlimited downloads. However, it is certainly worth taking the time to work out which provider will give you the best deal in the long run."