Brits finally get to enjoy the free music vids the US has been hogging - but only for a while. Windows Media Player 11.0, which has been in beta but available for download from Microsoft's website for the past couple of months, is finally being properly optimised for the world outside the almighty US of A.

Back in May, Microsoft made WMP11 publicly available and started a fanfare about its collaboration with music station MTV's Urge digital music and video integration. VidZone - as it is known - sounded great, but all PC Advisor's nagging about when anyone outside the US would actually get to enjoy video embedded in the overhauled music player was to no avail. Microsoft wasn't telling, and we were left feeling at least mildly miffed. In fact we had a bit of a teenage strop. It just wasn't fair.

We've been using WMP11 for a while now and, given that the UK version no longer offered integration with Napster, which version 10.0 did very nicely, nor any of the online radio stations we'd come to enjoy, we were beginning to regret our early-adoptee enthusiasm.

Now, however, WMP11 for the UK has been updated with VidZone, a video-streaming service offering up 5,000 music videos for you to enjoy. We gave it a whirl (in return for our email address) and have been happily passing the past few hours catching up on the latest pop tunes. You can enjoy a few free music videos as a trial, but then you'll have to spend about a fiver a month.

As yet, Microsoft still hasn't told us details of other online services we can expect of WMP11.0 but did imply recently that Napster would be one of them. We'll bring you full details as we unearth them.