Toshiba's Storage Device Division has introduced new 80GB and 160GB 1.8in hard disks - the same size disk drives as those in the iPod Classic.

The timing is unlikely to be a simple coincidence with Apple's introduction of new 80GB and 160GB iPod classics, which were unveiled yesterday. Apple does not discuss which components are used inside its iPods, however.

Toshiba claims the 160GB model is the highest-capacity 1.8in drive on the market with a CE-ATA interface, suitable for installation in portable media players like the iPod classic. CE-ATA drives sport performance and power utilisation designed for consumer electronic devices and other multimedia applications.

The MK1626GCB is the 160GB model, and Toshiba said it uses a dual-platter design and measures 8mm high. It uses improved read-write heads and media with an enhanced magnetic layer, to achieve an areal density of 353 megabits per square mm. Areal density measures the amount of data a hard disk can cram into its physical space - it's derived from multiplying the number of bits per millimetre by the number of tracks per millimetre.

The 80GB model sports a single-platter design and measures 5mm high. Both units feature 15 millisecond seek times and spin at 3600rpm.

The MK1626GCB can transfer data at up to 52MB per second. The 80GB MK8022GAA, which uses a conventional Parallel ATA (PATA) interface, transfers data at up to 66MB per second.

Toshiba did not announce prices for the new drives, of details of worldwide availability, but indicated that they're being integrated by OEM partners for consumer products slated for the holiday season.