Apparently, if you're French Canadian, you'll find Microsoft's choice of name for its iPod killer device rather rude.

'Zoune' and the variant 'bizoune' are words used to describe male or female genitalia in Quebec. Though the words are traditionally considered to be slang that is acceptable to use in front of a child, it will seem quite daft to the young Canadian kids who might receive something that is called the equivalent of 'willy' for Christmas.

The problem this highlights is that no matter how innocuous a word might seem in one language, in another it could be considered ridiculous or even rude. Putting the 'Italia' back in 'genitalia', you may remember how much stick Arsenal (already an unfortunately named club) got when wearing their away kit playing against an Italian club in the Champions League a few years ago. Though the home shirts bore the logo of that long-forgotten gaming machine the Dreamcast, the away shirts were emblazoned with the name of the company that made the aforementioned console, Sega.

In Italian, the word 'sega' is a slang term for one who one who spends too much time with his hands down the front of his trousers. Some might point out how apt it is that Arsene Wenger's team had the shirts that said this – I just wouldn't stoop that low. Tee-hee.