Sony Ericsson has debuted a pair of earphones that can be switched on or off by placing them in or removing them from your ears.

To listen to music you simply put both earbuds of the MH907 headphones in your ears, and your music starts automatically. To pause, take out one earbud; removing both stops the music entirely. To answer the phone, do the same thing.

If you're listening to music when a call comes in, you have to remove both earphones to stop the music, and then put one back in to answer a call.

Sony Ericsson says the MH907 headphones are activated by body contact, so you can't accidentally answer a phone or start your music when the headphones are in your pocket or purse.

If you were hoping to pick up a pair of these for use with your iPhone or other smartphone, you can forget it. The MH907 is only compatible with Sony Ericsson's own Fast Port-equipped phones - Fast Port is SE's proprietary connector on the bottom of its phones.

To determine which Sony Ericsson phones support Fast Port, visit Sony Ericsson's website.

Sony Ericsson didn't reveal any pricing information, but rumour has it these earbuds will set you back anywhere between $55 (£33) and $60 (£37) in the US. Available colors include yellow and white or titanium chrome. Other features include a built-in microphone, FM antenna, sound-blocking (the MH907's are not noise-cancelling headphones) and stereo sound.

Sony Ericsson says the MH907 headphones will be available worldwide later this week.

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