Contrary to Matt Egan’s claims that iTunes is economically unviable for music fans, I’d say that it actually saves me money. Yes, I do pay 79p for a single track when I could get 14 songs on a CD for £7.99, but much of the time I don’t want the fillers that are dumped on me by a full album.

The beauty of iTunes, and similar services, is that I can get the single track I want without having to pay for the 13 I don’t. A lot of the space on my iPod is taken up by single tracks from different artists – many of which I hadn’t bought before because I didn’t like their other material.

Plus, if someone (not me, honest) liked a particular Bruce Springsteen track, for example, they can buy it anonymously, without having to face the giggling customer services staff at HMV on a Saturday afternoon.