Digital radio manufacturer PURE has updated its best-selling PURE One Classic DAB and FM radio. The ONE Classic II comes with the ability to record programmes that you would otherwise miss. The Listen Later option allows users to set single or series recordings for subsequent playback. The programme is saved to the £64.99 Classic II radio’s internal memory, rather than to a removable memory card.

Demonstrating the feature at IFA last week, a PURE spokesperson told PC Advisor that the radio can store roughly 45 minutes of audio. The total recording time possible will vary depending on the bitrate of the broadcast, varying from 30 to 180 minutes.

Any radio station can be chosen as the recording source. Recorded programmes can be paused and playback resumed from the same or a bookmarked point. Users can choose between recording a single programme and daily or weekly recordings, selecting which station, time and duration they wish. There’s also the option to record an omnibus edition of a programme rather than individual daily episodes. PURE says it has introduced the Listen Later feature to its ONE Classic II DAB radio in direct response to customer demand. It is referred to by PURE as ‘The Archers’ feature.

Clive Dickens, CEO of Absolute Radio, said: “PURE’s Listen Later is a great new feature for our listeners as it will enable them to save and never miss a popular programme like Ian Wright’s post commentary football analysis on Absolute Radio Extra, his Wright’s 90s Show on Absolute Radio 90s or Frank Skinner’s unmissable Absolute Radio Saturday morning show. You need never miss your favourite shows ever again”.