Digital audio You've seen Apple roll out the new iPod nano and new iPod touch, and read our reviews of them. But perhaps you're wondering what really makes these suckers tick. Fortunately, iFixit is in the business of satisfying your prurient interests in that regard.

As is its habit, the company has posted in-depth slideshows of the newest Apple products in all their disassembled glory.

You can see the nano's new video camera, microphone and speaker, all the while marvelling at the incredible tolerances of engineering that make it possible to fit all that technology into such a small package. The camera itself, for example, is just 3mm thick - as iFixit points out, that's half the size of the unit used in the iPhone 3G, which is likely why they don't use the same hardware.

iFixit iPod nano

Then there's the third-generation iPod touch. While it doesn't look very different from its predecessor on the outside, you can't judge an iPod from its exterior. As we know, there's a new, faster processor on the inside, and a wireless chip that supports 802.11n (though the software at this point does not). There's also an FM receiver and transmitter in the Bluetooth chip, though no antenna to use them.

iFixit iPod touch

Conspiracy theorists can run wild on the fact that there appears to be room for a camera similar to the nano's, and the internals even look similar to allegedly leaked photos of the new internals from a few months back which actually had cameras in them.

There you have it: the nano and touch - two innocent iPods - dissected for your amusement. We hope you're happy.

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