Napster has announced a new version of its music download service that's designed to answer consumer demand for greater flexibility.

The new Napster Unlimited service, available for £5 per month, allows subscribers to choose and download five MP3s to keep forever and also listen to Napster's unlimited on-demand catalogue of eight million songs. Napster says the tracks are accessible via "just about any" web-enabled mobile phone to preview and purchase.

Napster Unlimited "With this new service model, Napster once again reflects the needs of today's music consumers. We listened to our customers and developed a service that provides music lovers with a flexible, best-value service that allows them to tailor their digital music experience to their personal requirements," said Thorsten Schliesche, Napster's vice president sales and marketing.

"Whether users want to build on their own collection of tracks, discover new music or simply stream their favourite songs into their own space - Napster has worked hard to provide an environment where music lovers can create their own easy-to-use experience, all available under one fixed and best-value cost," he added.

Napster pointed out that the new Napster Unlimited allows users to listen to tracks "with no frustrating ads or interruptions" - taking aim at rising music-streaming star Spotify, which provides free music streaming for PC and laptop owners, provided they're prepared to listen to adverts in between tracks.

Napster Unlmited is being launched today in Carphone Warehouse's 817 stores nationwide, giving all Carphone Warehouse customers a free one-month trial card of the Napster Unlimited service, including 5 MP3s to keep. Napster also announced last Friday that leading computer manufacturer Dell will soon ship select desktop and laptop PCs in the UK, pre-loaded with a free one year Napster trial that includes 60 MP3s.