Apple CEO Steve Jobs took to the stage at a special media event today and claimed that Apple has sold 110 million iPods to date.

"The place when the sales curve is strongest is the holiday season," said Jobs. "We're approaching the holiday 2007 season and we want to get ready."

"Today we're going to refresh or replace every product in the lineup," said Jobs.

The iPod shuffle is being updated with "some really nice new colours," said Jobs. Apple is also adding a Product(red) shuffle model, with proceeds going to help fight diseases in Africa.

"Now let's move on to something more substantial: The iPod nano," said Jobs.

The iPod nano is the most popular music player in history, said Jobs. People love it, he added, but Apple wanted to make it better based on customer feedback. New features of the redesigned iPod nano include the ability to watch video on a larger, brighter display. The new iPod nano also features Cover Flow, the ability to scroll through album artwork visually. What's more, the new nano also has games support, more storage features and a full metal design.

The redesigned iPod nano comes in five colours - red, black, silver, blue and green. "It's incredibly tiny, it's incredibly thin," said Jobs.

The iPod nano now features a 2.0-inch display that features the same resolution as the previous-generation full-sized iPod: 320 x 240 pixels. "We've achieved this with a screen with the highest pixel density we've ever shipped: 204ppi," explained Jobs. "And the screen is just gorgeous. We you see it you're going to really love it."

The user interface has been enhanced on the iPod nano. The left side has the traditional iPod menu, and on the right, a preview of what you're selecting. Jobs also indicated that the new iPod nano ships with three games, including Vortex and Sudoku.

Jobs demonstrated the iPod nano playing video by watching an episode of The Daily Show featuring John Hodgman, the actor who appears as the PC in the US versions of Apple's "Mac and PC" television ads.

Jobs said the new iPod nano provides 24 hours of audio and five hours of video playback on a single battery charge.

The redesigned iPod nano comes in two versions - a 4GB version in silver, for £99, and 8GB version in colours, for £129.

"These new nanos have left our factories already. They shipped today, they're on planes, they should be in stores by this weekend," said Jobs. "'A little video for everyone'" is our new line.

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