Famed for its ladies knickers, men's socks, superior foodstuffs and Apple-like proprietary St Michael brand, British high street retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has launched a men's suit specially built to house an iPod.

The "Wool Blend Single Breasted 2 Button Black Stripe iPod suit" costs £149.

M&S (aka "Marksies") claims that the suit merges "timeless tailoring" with "the latest innovations in fabric technology" - this from a shop that used to sell Margaret Thatcher her smalls...and possibly still does, if the thought isn't enough to drive you to Tesco (aka "Tesco's").

See it here.

"A strategically placed iPod pocket houses the connector and prevents bulges, while control buttons on the inner lapel allow the wearer to operate the iPod without touching the main controls. Carefully placed loops along the lapel even help to conceal the earphone wires. So plug in, turn up your tunes and look your best, the iPod suit is the perfect choice for the modern man on the move."

M&S doesn't say which model iPods are supported, but promotional imagery shows a lightweight nano barely creasing the fabric. The previously fusty retailer also sells the iPod nano and shuffle but not the heavier video-enabled versions.

Online shoppers may wish to add a Value 3 Pack of Cotton Briefs for just a fiver.