When it comes to any sort of dancing, I normally just turn around and run right away. But not mRobo, the dancing robot made by Tosy that has a speaker firmly embedded in its torso. When it's activated, mRobo comes out of its shell to show off its talents, expanding to form a full-fledged dancing robot. mRobo will not only play music, but it'll dance along to it, making it one of the more entertaining ways to listen to music of almost any kind.

mRobo isn't limited in its dance moves, either, as you can upload your own music using either a Mac or PC. From there, you can even use Tosy's Tune Robo software to program a custom set of dance moves for said music.

If you want, you can also upload your choreography settings to the Internet for others to download, as well as grab some of the moves set up by other mRobo owners. This means that if you don't exactly know much about dancing, you can still keep your mRobo up to date with the latest songs and dances to go along with them.

mRobo will start at $199, and it will probably dance better than you. There will also be a number of accessories that you can purchase as well, including a fedora-style hat that looks like something Michael Jackson would have worn. It should be out later this year.

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