As I have a lengthy train journey into work, I've started the arduous task of turning my DVD collection into MP4 files to watch on my iPod.

It's a tricky a job, made slightly easier with the help of the brilliant Media Fork. But after a recent incident I am left with a moral dilemma (well I hope it's only moral, I've tried in vain to find out if what I'm doing is illegal).

A lot of the films/TV programmes I own are of an adult content. Stop sniggering. I don't mean mucky movies, but mainstream films and post-watershed TV shows that may contain a smattering of violence and nudity.

How is this a problem, you may be asking yourself? Well, the problem arises when I'm watching said films on my iPod, on the train, with a young child sneaking peeks over my shoulder.

The Nudity isn't much of a problem as an acute sense of embarrassment is more than enough to get me to skip forward until all clothes are firmly back in place. But as for the violence, well I'm guilty of watching certificate 15 films on the train and, when I'm engrossed in the action, I become oblivious as to whom may be in the vicinity.

I'd be far from happy to travel on the train with my young children and have them sitting within viewing distance of such films. And when you take into account the number of people who now view films on their larger screened laptops...

Would I be within my rights as a father to ask the viewer to stop watching their film of choice? Or should I attempt to move and give up our cherished seats on a usually packed train and spend the next hour standing with two young children?

So from now on I pledge to always turn off or turn over anything inappropriate, especially if requested. Will you?