Apple has agreed to settle a patent dispute with, ending two years of litigation following Burst's allegations that Apple infringed four patents for transmission of compressed audio and video files in iTunes, iLife, QuickTime and the iPod.

In 2004, asked Apple to license some of its patents, saying they were at the heart of the iPod. In January 2006, Apple sued in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, seeking a judgment that the patents were invalid and not infringed. countersued in April 2006, alleging that Apple infringed four patents.

Under the agreement signed this week, Apple will pay $10m and get access to's patent portfolio, with some exceptions, said. Apple won't have access to four of's current and pending patents, including three pending patents relating to digital video recorder (DVR) technology. Court costs, expenses and attorney's fees will reduce the proceeds to to $4.6m. Burst agreed not to sue Apple over current or pending DVR patents, said. settled a similar case with Microsoft for $60m last year.