Fans of The Beatles continue to wait for the digital release of the band's material, but Paul McCartney's work is finally coming to digital formats.

EMI's Capitol/EMI announced yesterday that the Walrus' complete solo catalogue, including McCartney's work with his band Wings, will be released in digital formats, along with the re-release of his work on CD. The company did not specify formats or release dates. However, the release may coincide with McCartney's new album, Memory Almost Full, due out June 4.

The long-anticipated Beatles catalogue has yet to appear in digital format, although the resolution between Apple and The Beatles’ Apple Corps over Apple-related trademarks in February was seen as paving the way for the seminal band's catalogue release on the iTunes Music Store and other digital music formats. McCartney said last week that The Beatles music could be released online soon.

Because of EMI's agreement with Apple to release DRM (Digital Rights Management)-free music, McCartney's work may be among the first major releases to be sold and play across all musical formats.

Although McCartney's more recent albums have not achieved the commercial success of his work in the 1970s and 1980s, he remains one of the world's most lucrative touring acts.