Eighties rockers Guns 'N Roses have finally heeded the cries of music fans and turned in a follow-up album to the wildly successful Use Your Illusion I and II and a covers album in 1993.

In what has become a bit of a joke, singer Axl Rose has made good on his long-standing promise to come up with a new album just as soon as China becomes a democracy. In fact, he's beaten the Chinese to it: single Chinese Democracy has been garnering plenty of radio airplay and the album of the same name goes onsale next week.

Guns 'N Roses Chinese Democracy Rock fans who can't wait that long (surely, if you can wait 15 years for a new album, an extra few days won't kill you?), can listen to Chinese Democracy via the MySpace website.

MySpace has famously been used as a launch platform for many wannabe pop stars in the past four years. Most notably, Arctic Monkeys garnered a huge amount of web support by making their songs available to listen to and download from their MySpace page even before signing a record deal. They went on to release the fastest-selling debut single and debut album of all time.

Similarly, Lily Allen and Kate Nash gained a fan base via their MySpace pages before launching successful music careers.

Guns 'N Roses, however, are not only an already well-established band - and brand - in their own right; they've largely been missing in action since the early Nineties, a good decade before the web became an important factor in musical success.

Computer game Rock Band 2 also features a track from Chinese Democracy - Shackler's Revenge.