The alternative-rock band Radiohead are flogging their new album, 'In Rainbows', as a digital download - and you can pay whatever you want for it. That'll be 1p, then, obviously. Suckers!

Radiohead's seventh LP was widely thought to be 'slated' for a 2008 release, but the arch-experimentalist Oxfordshire quintet have suddenly announced that it will be available as a download in 10 days' time. A physical release is also available, but you may have to wait until early December to get your mitts on what the NME are sure to call "a dazzling return to form!" and everyone else will say isn't as good as 'OK Computer'.

radiohead in rainbows

More intriguingly, Radiohead have declined to sign up with a label, choosing instead to release 'In Rainbows' through the Radiohead website. The digital download version is the one where you get to pay what you like - the box-set, which includes vinyl and CD copies of the record, along with a bonus CD and some sort of hardback book, is a more prosaic £40.

Radiohead have historically been slow to embrace the digital download revolution, which makes their current stance all the more intriguing.

The Guardian's website has gone to the trouble of collating YouTube clips of the record's songs, in case you can't wait 10 days or are unwilling to spend 1p.