Those who are concerned about the restrictions you may encounter when sharing music using the Zune’s Wi-Fi capabilities may be interested to hear of this gadget from Spanish company, Blu:Sens. One problem with Zune’s wireless file-sharing ability is that the recipient of the file can only play a track three times over three days. The other problem is that the number of tracks from your playlist that are able to be shared can be quite limited.

Blu:Sens’ G14 player features a 2in, 256 colour display, FM radio, microphone, Bluetooth connectivity and supports audio, image and video. However the most impressive element of the player, and where it may challenge the Zune, is the unlimited ability the user has to share music with others. The problems that were arising when sharing tracks with the Zune do not seem to be present in Blu:Sens’ MP3 player. It will allow users to wirelessly transmit files for the recipient to play as many times as they like. You will also not be restricted as to which tracks from your playlist you can share with others. The player will come in 1GB and 2GB models, supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis and is expected to cost around €180- €200.