While movie buffs left the comfort of their armchairs to put the kettle on during the ad breaks in yesterday’s Oscars TV coverage, geeks remained glued to their seats.

For Apple aired the first advert for the iPhone in the US during the commercial break. The ad, now available on Apple’s site, collates an irritatingly long list of movie clips during which film stars ranging from Dustin Hoffman to the animated Mr Incredible answer the phone with a simple “Hello” (there were 31 in total, according to our colleagues at Macworld US).

Eventually, the ad shows the iPhone itself, and promises that it will be “Coming in June”. No extensive details, no price, in fact no mention even of the word ‘iPhone’. Still, now the new handset has reached the public consciousness (sort of), perhaps Apple will start to respond to some of the countless questions that technology enthusiasts have been asking since the iPhone launched in January.