Apple has made its iTunes Match feature available in the UK.

iTunes Match, which was first rolled out in the US earlier this year, is a feature within iCloud, Apple’s online storage service that lets users stash photos, videos, files and music in the cloud and access them from any iOS device, including the iPhone and iPad, Mac or Windows PC.

Until now, iCloud had only allows users to store tracks they had purchased from iTunes and did not support music ripped from CDs. However, thanks to the service, which costs £21.99 per year, Apple will ‘match’ up to 25,000 the tracks you own with content its catalogue and allow you to access these from any supported device via iCloud as long as there’s an internet connection available.

"The key advantage is iTunes Match allows you to stream and store all of your songs to any of your devices, not just your purchased iTunes music," an Apple spokesman told the BBC.

"Uploading to iTunes Match doesn't change anything in your music library, unless you choose to download from the cloud and replace the original tracks."

The launch follows a ‘false start’ yesterday. According to a report from GigaOm, some iCloud users in the UK, along with Australia and Canada, were able to sign-up or iTunes Match. However, they were unable to actually use the service and Apple soon removed the service. The tech giant also offered refunds to those that had signed up.

To sign-up or the service, simply open the iTunes store and click on the iTunes Match link on the far right-hand side.