Apple has a love/hate relationship with colour. But something is missing in the newly colourful iPod range.

For years it religiously followed the beige PC fashion, until 1998 when it unveiled the Bondi Blue iMac. That soon was turned into a rainbow of colours, including Lime, Strawberry, Tangerine, Grape, Blueberry and Indigo. Then there was a smoky black iMac (called Graphite) that looked so cool that Apple cooled on all the bright colours.

Apart from some garish iBooks, Apple decided the computing world should be monotone - and all its computers and iPods were either white or black. It even dropped its garish logo, which was a brand design icon. Now it's just boring.

Even Google is more fun than Apple, and it makes spreadsheets!

Recently, with its iPod nano and iPod shuffle (which has now been reduced in price to an amazing £49) Apple has embraced colour once more.

The shuffle and nano come in five colours, but while this is good marketing I'm disappointed that the Mac maker has given up thinking of funny fruit names for them. Apple doesn't even call them pink or green. It is almost embarrassed by playfulness - which is very wrong for a company like Apple.

Apple thinks it's funny - witness its latest "I'm a Mac" adverts. But sadly it's the PC guy who's the funny one. The Mac guy is a bit of a prat.

Stop being so damn cool, and get a sense of fun back in your life. iLife is fun. The iPod is fun. Apple is not fun - any more. And that's a shame.

Whatever happened to the marketing wizards that dreamt up a colour called "KeyLime", which was named after a pie!?

Come on, Apple! Start thinking different again. Let's name these weird new colours you make your products in. We want the Gooseberry nano, Mediterranean Blue shuffle, Flamingo nano and Guinness Video iPod.

Loosen up. You can be funny and cool, you know...