I'm honour bound to point out that I can drink as much tea and coffee as I like but, as an employee of the mighty PC Advisor, I'm currently looking toward the Apple store and feeling pretty green. Each of Apple's 20,000 workers is to be given a free iPhone. Lucky sods.

Apple iPhone: the definitive review

Whether this means there'll be glut of Apple iPhones on eBay in the next couple of days remains to be seen - a way of driving the market, perhaps? But Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, has promised each Apple employee a free iPhone, according the The Times of London. And they are unlikely to turn him down.

Mr Jobs told his Apple employees in a company-wide address that each of them would receive a $599 (£299) iPhone for free. Do the math(s), and that equates to a staff bonus of $12m. Which is nice, I suppose. But then, I once got given a free business-card scanner, so I can take a dispassionate view. (Anyone want a business-card scanner?)

Whether you are one of the 'sad fashionistas' gagging to get your hands on Apple's hybrid iPod and phone, or a journalist slightly cynical at Apple's seemingly unstoppable hype machine, you can't argue with the generosity of big Steve's gesture.

You can feel a bit sick, however.

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Via, The Times