Apple has joined forces with 80s electro band Depeche Mode and record label EMI to offer iTunes users the chance to get their hands on new and exclusive tracks.

The iTunes Pass costs $18.99 (£13) and gets users two Depeche Mode singles, Wrong and the Black Light Odyssey Dub Remix of the new track Oh Well. Then over the next 15 weeks, pass owners will get access to "new and exclusive singles, remixes, video and other content from their favourite artists, delivered to their libraries as soon as they're available".

Apple iTunes 8 review

"iTunes Pass is a great way for artists to give exclusive music and video, on their own schedule, directly to their fans," said vice president Eddy Cue.

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Apple says the tracks will be in the 256kbps AAC iTunes Plus format with no digital rights management (DRM). However, the company won't make any guarentees about the content you will receive when you purchase the pass, although it does state that it the content you receive won't be less than the value of the pass.

The Depeche Mode pass is the first of its kind to be released by Apple, although the company says more are planned for the future.

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