I've run headlong into flak about this before, but I am kinda obsessed by Apple's decisions on the colour of its products. And now I'm furious.

The new iPods look nice – and I will be buying an iPod touch as soon as I'm over in the US next month (saving about £60) – but I'm disappointed that for the first time ever there's no white iPod.

Whiteness defines the iPod's iconic presence – white iPod, white earphones. White, white, white.

Now we've got a shade of grey that's described optimistically as Silver, a sky blue, turquoise, light black and claret.

I have bought the following iPods in white: original 5GB, 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, and the first shuffle. For my sister I bought the silver iPod mini and a black nano. For my wife (when she got peeved at just getting my hand-me-downs), a black 80GB iPod, and a silver Mark II shuffle.

So I've never owned a non-white iPod, and it's only because the iPod touch doesn't really have a colour that I'm considering that.

And this hatred of white is even affecting the iMac, which recently went from shiny white to dull grey (or "Aluminum" as Apple likes to call it). Only the iBook and Apple Remote Control remain in glorious white. Even Apple's black is now neither jet nor glossy.

Bring back white into the iPod range, Apple, or lose me to the Zune … only kidding!