Nowadays, everybody seems eager to make an Apple product. These prototypes from independent designers may never appear on shelves at the Apple Store, but they include lots of innovative ideas.

There's something about Apple that screams aspirational, both to consumers and designers alike. Everyone's clamouring to own a gadget owned by Apple and just as many designers are so enamoured with the Apple look that they're willing to design whole new Apple products for free, with absolutely no encouragement from the company.

We've collected 16 of the most interesting of these fantasy Apple prototypes, from an iRing to an electric automobile. We'll probably never see any of these products in these exact forms, but we can dream, right?


Pico projectors are becoming increasingly popular. These small devices may be pocket-size, but they can produce images up to 5feet tall, on almost any surface.

Picos are perfect for the travelling executive dealing with a PowerPoint addiction.

Today's pico projectors are small, boring, gray or black boxes about the size of an iPod or candy-bar-style cell phone. But as pico grows in popularity, Apple may one day liberate the tiny projector from its ordinary shell.

If the company does go in that direction, it should have a look at Moti Barzilay's iShow pico projector.

The iShow, about the size of a webcam, is an LED projector that can display an image of up to 60in. It would connect to any MacBook, iPhone or non-Apple video device.

To turn the device on, you just pull apart the two sides to reveal the projector lens and ports. The iShow is functional and stylish - just be careful not to let it roll off the table.

iShow image: Moti Barzilay

MacBook Touch

Everybody's coming up with relatively conventional ideas about what Apple's fabled tablet will look like. But Tommaso Gecchelin's MacBook Touch would be a giant leap forward, keeping with Apple's penchant for revolutionary design.

Gecchelin's Touch can change into a number of forms, thanks to its fictional iSpine technology. The MacBook Touch could work as a netbook, tablet surface, or desktop monitor. When in tablet form, it would be the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Check out more pics at Yanko Design.

MacBook Touch image: Tommaso Gecchelin, courtesy of Yanko Design

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