AppleIt used to be that no self-respecting Mac owner would admit to owning a Windows PC. But a study has found that a Windows PC can be found in the homes of a massive 85 percent of Mac owners.

What happened to Windows-hating Mac users? I suppose they still exist, but as Macintosh has grown in market share, true devotees seem harder to find. Obviously, society is in decline.

According to NPD Group's 2009 Household Penetration Study, released yesterday:

  • 12 percent of US computer-owning households now own a Mac, up from 9 percent in 2008.
  • Nearly 85 percent of Mac households also own a Windows-based PC.
  • Two-thirds of Apple households own three or more computers.
  • Only 39 percent of Windows PC households own three or more computers.
  • Mac owners are also more mobile, with 72 percent owning a notebook, compared with 60 percent of Windows PC households.
  • The average Mac household owns twice as many consumer electronics devices as the average computer-owning household: 48 to 24.

Does it surprise anyone that Mac households also have larger incomes? While 36 percent of Mac owners in the US report household incomes greater than $100,000 (about £63,000), only 21 percent of total households make the same claim.

So while today's Mac users may be a tad less devoted that those of years ago, they have more money and spend it on many more devices than average consumers. And that includes Windows PCs.

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