The phone itself won't show up at Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in June. But "from what we've gathered over the last few weeks in leaks and tips popping up until and including today, we'll see much of the groundwork and preparations being made for the release of that titanic smartphone release set for a late summer release, " Burns gushes. That release will not only feature "an iCloud upgrade, improved Apple-run Maps, and hardware updates galore," but something More: It "will be strewn with next-level zazz." See also iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumour round up.

"Zazz" is an iOSphere technical term for "general, mindblowing, cool awesomeness."

"What WWDC will hold is the cradle which will eventually surround the iPhone 5," Burns explains poetically. And the hot air wafting through the iOSphere is the wind that gently rocks it. Visit New iPhone 5 to have flexible display.

With all those tips and leaks at hand, Burns doesn't even bother to cite sources. Why slow down the flow of zazz?

"[W]e'll see the iPhone 5 bringing on a whole new wave of connected services," Burn reveals. "This includes the Apple-made Maps environment that will not only allow you to finally work with turn-by-turn directions, it'll give you such realistic mapping that your eyes will bug out of your head." Go to iPhone 5 will "launch" in September.

If bug-eyed mapping doesn't get your juices flowing, you must already be dead. The bug-eye work of photorealistic 3D maps is by C3, a company acquired by Apple in October 2011. You can get a sense of the impact of its software, running on an iPad in this video.

But that's not all! More zazz.

"Next have a peek at the next issue in the iCloud story," Burns teases. "This next-level iCloud upgrade will be released in a iCloud Beta fashion, this tip sending fairly clear signals that it'll be showing up at WWDC for developers." You almost don't feel annoyed that Burns doesn't actually give you a peek at even a single new feature in the next iCloud.

Not one to be shy about drawing conclusions, Burns draws conclusions. "This all comes in addition to the idea that iOS 6 upgrade to both iPhone and iPad may be coming at the event as well, though such a large upgrade (whatever it might hold) does seem more likely to be released at the same time as the iPhone 5 itself -- it just sounds better."

Nothing quite sums up iOSphere rumors as well as that: "It just sounds better."