Apparently stock analyst Brian White, of Topeka Capital Markets, whiles away his free time perusing Chinese news websites, like, and thank heavens he does. In a "note to investors," White explained that he discovered a "story" or "report" that the unnamed company making the battery for the iPhone 5 "may be having trouble providing batteries ... that are up to [Apple's] standards," according to AppleInsider's Neal Hughes who wrote about what White wrote. For all the latest information check out our iPhone 5 release date, spec and rumour round-up.

We know about Apple Standards. Steve Jobs held up the release of the white iPhone 4 for months and months because his suppliers could not get white right. Visit New iPhone 5 to have flexible display.

iPhone 5 battery problems

According to Hughes' post, the investors note by White (no relation to white) about's report "suggested that only 30 percent of the battery volumes produced currently meet Apple's standards." Go to iPhone 5 will "launch" in September.

In what must surely be one of the great 2012 iOSphere understatements, the "unnamed battery vendor is reportedly working to solve the problem as development of Apple's next iPhone ramps up ahead of an anticipated release later this year."

Assuming the report is true, Hughes' comment is missing a few modifiers like "frantically, desperately, screamingly" working to solve the problem. Of course, there are limits: They mustn't run afoul of Apple's Supplier Responsibility Code of Conduct, which among other things mandates not working more than, ahem, 60 (as in six-zero) hours a week.

White also found on another Chinese news site,, a post that "suggested Apple might want to launch its next iPhone as soon as the end of August," according to AppleInsider.

Chinese websites seem to be pretty suggestive. "To suggest" means "to propose" or "evoke" or "imply." Maybe in this case, "reported" that Apple would announce iPhone 5 between the third week of August and the start of September.

Despite the suggestion, White isn't buying it: he "still believes that Apple will launch its sixth-generation handset in September." Which suggests that the suggestion of an end of August unveiling would be, you know, wrong.

So what about the battery problem that started all this rumoring? "If there is a battery challenge, we trust that Apple will be able to figure it out in time for a September launch," White assured his readers.