The next generation of Apple iPads is all but unveiled. Everything is in place and the media are more than ready to cover it's launch. But you might be wondering where is the best places to follow all the action. Here's a few ideas for you:

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Live: Apple iPad 3 launch - We've teamed up with our friends at Macworld to bring you live coverage of the iPad 3 launch. You can follow the iPad 3 launch live, as it happens, right here on this page. Updates will appear in the box below as the iPad 3 launch happens. You don't have to click refresh.

On Twitter @PCAdvisor - If you're on the go or haven't got the time to comiit yourself to a live blog, then make sure you follow @PCAdvisor on twitter. We'll be bringing you all the latest news, specs and images from the iPad 3 launch in California. (It's worth following @PCAdvisor even if you're not going to follow the iPad 3 launch, it's a rather good twitter feed!)

Want to know more about what to expect? Then take a look at our iPad 3 release date and features rumour round-up. Here you can see all the rumours and predictions (no matter how far fetched) from the last six months. Also take a look at iPad 3 will launch on Wednesday for more iPad related new. Failing that, keep checking the homepage for all the latest iPad and technology news.

See you soon.