Apple’s iPad 3, reviewed, could be the final straw for British consumers if a report that suggests we are all tiring of the pace of new gadgets is to be believed.

The report in Marketing Magazine states that British consumers are “suffering from fatigue when it comes to technology brands such as Apple and Facebook”.

There is even a whiff of uncoolness starting to attach itself to the once über-chic Apple brand.

Almost 22 percent of UK consumers are either “very bored” or “slightly bored” of gadget giant Apple. 40 percent say they are “indifferent” to the market-conquering tech brand, and its iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets and Mac laptops.

Nearly half of the Marketing survey’s 2,000 respondents believed Apple’s new product development is too fast.

Consumers said they were unwilling to buy the latest gadgets now for fear that their devices “will be quickly superseded by updated versions”.

25% said they were frightened of having their expensive gadgets stolen.

Maybe more worrying for trend-setting Apple was the news that 8% of respondents felt “pretentious” about the technology brands they used. A mere 6% felt “cool” for using the latest tech devices.

Another tech giant also came in for the tiredness test, with the survey also showing a rise in ‘Facebook fatigue’.

More than a quarter of consumers surveyed said their life would be “better” without the social network.

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