Ashton Kutcher, 34, is set to play Steve Jobs in a two-part biopic about the former CEO and co-founder of Apple. See also New iPad review

Information about the new movie is still thin on the ground at this stage, but PC Advisor understands that the film is to be directed by Joshua Michael Stern, who is most notably known for directing the film Swing Vote. The project is to be based on a screenplay written by Matt Whiteley. See also iPhone 5 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

Kutcher is a bit of a novice in terms of playing 'straight' film roles; he has so far made a career out of playing comedic roles. It is thought that a large contributing factor as to why Kutcher was cast for this role was because the Hollywood heartthrob's facial structure is similar to the Apple visionary's.

Speaking to TheWrap, Joshua Michael Stern said this about his new project "I had the idea the day Jobs retired and I notice several IT and art directors at my company all in a buzz…I was observing that day how distractive his retirement was to the marketplace and I knew in my heart that his story was the film I wanted to do."

Kutcher and Stern's film about Steve Jobs is now the second to come out of Hollywood, since his death. Sony Pictures have already announced its plans to make a movie based on the official Steve Job biography written by Walter Issacson. Steve Jobs has previously been portrayed on the silver screen once already, by ER actor Noah Wyle in the 1999 film Pirates of Silicon Valley.