Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 will reportedly be compatible with the UK's 4G network when it launches.

It is expected, according to PocketLint, that the iPhone 5 will come with 4G mobile broadband capabilities compatible with the UK's looming 4G network. Everything Everywhere (EE), the owner of Orange and T-Mobile has been given permission to launch 4G services from as early as 11 September, the day before the iPhone 5 is likely to be revealed along with an iPad Mini.

iPhone 5

Apple typically makes differing versions of the iPhone for networks in the US, but not a global country by county scale. The most recent example is the new iPad which had a 4G model incompatible with networks in Australia, for example, getting Apple in some trouble.

However, Ofcom's decision to allow EE to use its existing 1800MHz spectrum for 4G means it will use the same bandwidth as Australia and many European countries. Therefore, this gives Apple a bigger market for one model to work in multiple places.

If this is the case then EE will have an exclusive on the iPhone 5 in terms of the ability to offer 4G mobile broadband since Ofcom will not auction and allow the use of 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrums for 4G until next year.

Apple doesn't comment on rumour or speculation so we'll have to wait for the firm to announce the details before we know the full story.

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