Apple is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over its iPad 4G claims.

The ASA is putting Apple's advertising under the microscope after it failed to remove 4G references from its UK website, according to the BBC. The ASA has reportedly received dozens of complaints about the issue. See also: iPad 4 release date, specs and rumour round-up.

The ASA said: "If it appears that the problem claims we asked Apple to remove are still appearing, we will investigate these new complaints."

Apple declined to comment but apparently told the ASA that the mentions of 4G had been removed subject to the original complaint. At the time of writing the Apple website is selling the 'iPad + 4G'.

The problem is that Apple advertises the iPad as having 4G mobile internet capabilities but the UK doesn't have a 4G network for it to use. Therefore the reference to 4G is misleading for consumers.

Furthermore, when a 4G infrastructure is introduced the frequencies will be incompatible with the iPad's 4G chip.

A similar occurrence took place in Australia in March over the iPad and its 4G label. The result was that Apple offered customers a full refund on the device and put in-store notifications by point-of-sale devices.