In yet another episode in the seemingly endless saga of consumer tech companies trying to impact on each other’ smartphone and tablet sales, Apple has been forced to stop selling its iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 in Germany. 

This time, the appellant was Motorola. The issue at stake is an unresolved patent licence relating to the GPRS module. A German court has ruled that the Apple smartphone and tablet cannot be sold through retail channels in the country until the patent issue is resolved. The iPhone 4S uses a Qualcomm chip and is thus exempt from the ban.

Apple has also been in dispute with Samsung over alleged similarities between the design of the original Apple iPad and the similarly slim Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Tech site The Verge relays details of a report in German newspaper Finanz Nachrichten in which Apple says “Even if some iPad and iPhone models currently available in our online store in Germany are removed, our customers will have no problem finding these products in Apple stores or through authorised dealers.”

The spokesperson went on to say that Apple will appeal against the injunction as Motorola has refused to license the patent “on acceptable terms” and that the disputed module was declared an indusntrial patent 7 years ago.”