Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has said that TV is an ' area of intense interest' for the company looking forward.

Cook opened the All Things Digital conference confirming that Apple is serious about the TV sector. He suggested that upcoming products could include a TV made by Apple, or 'iTV', according to Asia One.

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"We're going to introduce some great stuff. I think you are going to love it." said Cook. "Juices are flowing and we have some incredible things coming out. For years Apple's been focused on innovation, and this will not change."

While Cook didn't actually confirm any much desired specifics about the iTV, he said TV is an area of life people 'aren't pleased with' and 'we'll have to see what we can do'. The Apple boss also hinted that the device could utilise its voice recognition software, Siri.

"[We have] some cool ideas about what Siri can do. We have a lot going on on this." touted Cook.

This is not to be confused with the Apple TV, a device which plugs into a television to provide content. Cook said Apple has sold 2.8 million units of the device and, many of which have been sold this year.

"We're not a hobby kind of company, as you know," Cook said. "The company tends to put a lot of wood behind a few arrows. We've stuck to this."

Cook also said that he has learned a lot from Steve Jobs. He said his passing was the saddest moment of his life but it made him more determined to push forward. "He also taught me that the joy is in the journey," he said.